Magic of falling waters


On a warm day, after a long hike, nothing is more enthralling – or refreshing – than the sight of torrents of cool waters cascading down from a mountainside.

Such is the magic of a waterfall. Eastern Samar has been endowed by nature by scores of these wondrous beauties, dotting practically every town, although many of them so far have been hidden from the enjoyment of most folks because of distance or inaccessibility.

Borongan has Tres Marias and Hinahanginan in Barangay Benowangan, Masakpasak Falls in Barangay Camada and Binabalarawan in Barangay Siha,

There is also Camasuriyaw in Barangay San Andres and Mono Mono Falls, in Pinanag-an, Sitio Bagong Baryo, Pangi in San Gabriel and Kaputian in.

Pangi Waterfall

Pangi Fall

Kaputian Falls

Kaputian Falls

Kansuriyaw Falls

Kansuriyaw Falls


Other Eastern Samar towns tout great waterfalls, some of them unexplored, or visited by locals, tourists and other nature-lovers.

There is Milan Falls in Taft, Amandaraga Falls in Lawaan, and Umpas de Engkangto in


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