Paradise in our backyard



Sapao Beach

Beautiful beach with white sand and shells of various kinds and colors; viewing of the Pacific Ocean; ideal for swimming.


menasnge beach

Menasnge Beach (Maydolong@tourism)

Located in Maydolong, Eastern Samar, it has magnificent natural rock formation made more beautiful by the Maydolong landscape aficionados.


guiuan church

Chuch of the Immaculate Conception (Vicente S. Labro)

Located in Guiuan, Eastern Samar,  the 16th-century Immaculate Conception Church is at the town proper. Originally made of wood, the structure was rebuilt by the priests and natives using stones after it was razed by fire.

It is within a 42-square-meter fortress, its corners mounted with artillery.

At that time, it was “the best and most regularly planned in all the Visayas” and that it “exceeds in grandeur the celebrated fort in Zamboanga.” But with the passage of time, the walls were destroyed.

Most of the church, including its belfry is still preserved, however.


Guintagican Beach

Guintagican Beach


Located in Punta Maria

The 2-kilometer beach is ideal for surfing and swimming. It features tide pools with rich marine life.


A 3-sq. kilometer island off  Brgy. Lalawigan, Borongan City, it has a crystal-clear water, white beach, swaying palm trees, multi-colored fishes and corals beneat. Best suited for scuba diving and swimming.

Divinubo Island lighthouse

Divinubo Island lighthouse

A beautiful lighthouse sits atop the mountain of Divinubo, which was constructed by the American engineers in 1906. It was originally a gas-operated facility but now it is electrically lighted and is enclosed in thick glass. It beams a bright light every 15 seconds. It serves to locate and guide the position of international and inter-island ships passing the treacherous Pacific Ocean




The Hamorawon park is located at the center of the city proper itself and can easily be located by the presence of the giant acacia tree beside it. It contains the stylized rendition of a concrete giant clamshell the upper half of which being held up by two mermaids while at its base are two crocodiles with their mouths agape.

This giant clamshell served as the then town’s cultural stage where social presentations were held while the fenced grounds fronting it served as the venue for social gatherings. This was the brainchild of the late Mayor Pablo “Buaya” Rosales. On its left side but still within the park grounds is the city tourism building.

From underneath this giant clamshell bubbles and flows the Hamorawon natural spring, the only one place in the entire province of Eastern Samar which has a naturally-occurring fresh-water spring, flowing from the very center of the city itself towards the Lo-om River a short distance downstream.

The waters of this spring has been said to be miraculous the site itself having allegedly been the place where appearances of a lady in white (supposed to be the patroness saint of the city) have reportedly been seen.

Unfortunately, access to this natural water source has of late been impeded and virtually blocked, its previous access road having been long fenced off leaving the spring almost unnoticeable already to busy passersby.
Location: At the heart of the town of Borongan.
This spring as the Boronganons say, is full of legend that whoever takes a bath in this cool spring especially foreigners, will surely go home with a Boronganon wife. Around this spring is Spanish built stone wall.


Located 17 kms. north of Borongan. Beautiful white beach. Just a few meters away from the beach with swaying palm trees lies a small lake with fresh water.



Cascading waters at Canhugas Beach

Located in Hernani, Eastern , this beach is legendary. It has a 200-meter foot bridge from the reef to the sea said to be built by a giant. There is also a rock formation that looks like man-made steps, and the waves slamming on it flow down through through the steps resembling a waterfall.



can-usod islet

Can-Usod Islet (Lawaan Tourism)

Known as Can-Usod Islet,  it is rather amusing that this small island with an area of 200 sq. meters has calm waters despite the fact that it is facing the Pacific Ocean. It also has beautiful beaches excellent for swimming.




Ando Island

Located about 4 km. south of Borongan. A rich fishing ground and good place for swimming, skiing, snorkeling, and just plain lazing amidst palms trees and sunshine.


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Binaloan Rapids
Located between Brgy. San Rafael and Brgy. Binaloan in  Taft,  it can  be reached by public transport, 63 km. from Borongan. It is a beautiful rapids which is visible along the highway.

A 45-minute travel by motorboat from Borongan town proper. Features a large cave with cathedral-like interior filled with relics and rock formations.


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